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Our Canvas

Kodiak Flex-Bow tents are manufactured using 100% Army Duck Double Fill Cotton Canvas, with “Hydra-Shield” technology. This Canvas is made by weaving high strength double twisted threads together in both warp & weft. The Army Duck Double fill Canvas has two threads twisted together making one thread. These double threads are then super-tight woven into the canvas. Twisting two threads together into one makes the Army Duck Double fill Canvas much stronger, but also allows the Canvas to be more breathable.

The “Hydra-Shield technology is designed to ensure 100% water repellency, yet still allow for breathability.  The Army Duck Double Fill fabric has 120 tough double fill threads per square inch  resulting in natural water resistance. At the same time, the breathability allows water vapors to escape, and thus minimizes condensation and avoids humidity and “mugginess”. The net result is a tent that even in a severe downpour will remain waterproof, no water leakage or wicking without the use of a rainfly.


Why We Use 100% Cotton Canvas

  1. Army Duck Double Fill Canvas.
    The highest quality cotton canvas. Its superb strength comes from the very strong 2 double threads twisted together to make one super strength thread.  This exceptionally strong thread is then super-tight woven into the canvas to make the Army Duck Double fill amazingly durable.
  2. Water Repellency.
    The super-tight weave of the double fill threads, and the 120 micro threads per sq. inch provides natural water repellency without any special coasting. Even without the use of a rainfly, the tent remains dry inside even in a sustained downpour
  3. Breathability.
    The natural water repellency of the super-tight weave and the double fill threads also provides for breathability of the canvas. This feature has the important effect on minimizing condensation during cold nights and substantially reduces heat build up and humidity on hot summer days. Indeed, the minimum international standard for woven fabric permeability (air flow) is 2500 g/m² per 24hrs for a fabric to be described as “breathable”. Independent lab test showed our Canvas to have a permeability of 4233 g/m² per 24hrs.
  4. Durability.
    Under the right usage and storage conditions the Army Duck Double fill Canvas will provide for a tent that will last for decades

The figure above demonstrates the natural permeability (Air Flow) of the Hydra=Shield Canvas. The bubbles in the water show the air vapor moving from the bottom of the vessel through the Canvas into the funnel of water